What We Do

increased SEOAt SEO Elves, we demystify the process of Search Engine Optimization and share strategies for how to improve your ranking on the Internet. We use tested and proven systems that have resulted in success.

Although we can’t guarantee No. 1 placement on search engine listings, our efforts create more weight to move in that direction. Think of SEO as grains of sand. The more SEO sand grains we add to the scale in your favor, the easier it will be for you to improve your search engine ranking.

Our SEO products are described in straightforward language, so our clients understand what they’re buying and why it matters. These strategies are especially valuable if you have recently renamed/rebranded your business, moved to or opened a new location, or launched a new website.

Here is our approach, classified into three plans: Twinkle, Sparkle, and Shine, which progress from basic to advanced SEO strategies. Despite their cutesy elfish names, each category contains results-driven approaches to attract searchers to your website.

Each plan offers three basic services. These lay the groundwork for gaining exposure on the web.

• Directory listings

• Monitor reviews

• Develop a Google account

The more advanced features of our Sparkle and Shine packages give you even more traction on the web. Recalling our previous example of grains of sand added to a scale, sand particles are added in your favor with our advanced packages.

• Further develop your Google account

• Create your own YouTube channel and upload a video

• Optimize the structure and content of your website

• Monthly blog written by a professional writer (available to Shine clients only)

At SEO Elves, we not only take the time to explain the strategies we use, we also follow up with understandable data so you know how the strategies are working for you.

Contact our team of elves today to get started. Trust the SEO Elves to help improve how you appear on the Internet.