About SEO Elves

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The key question for companies today has changed from “Do I need SEO?” to “Who do I trust, and exactly how is this company going to help my business?”

That is where SEO Elves comes in. The focus of SEO Elves is SEO strategies that provide results for clients. Our full-time team is in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and we specifically focus on businesses within the United States.

The higher your business ranks on a search engine results page, the heavier the traffic to your website. As users click your listing, they begin the journey from visitor to customer. SEO helps you gain traction in a crowded and competitive ranking system, by improving your placement on results pages, and therefore, improving your visibility on the web.

I’m Bill Koehne, but you can call me the “head elf” of SEO Elves. I have been developing websites since 1999, and I approach each website from a marketing perspective. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, with emphases in marketing and management, and a minor in Human Development.

I possess a true entrepreneurial spirit, filled with ideas of how to grow my business and yours. I’m passionate about developing strategies to help businesses achieve their digital marketing goals.

I have worked closely with software companies to identify potent SEO elements, both on-site (how a website is built) and off-site (how the Internet reacts to a website).

SEO is a constantly changing strategy. But SEO Elves work like crazy (like busy little elves) and love this type of thing, so we remain on the cutting edge. This not only leads to the success of our clients, but the success of our company as well. Doesn’t it make sense to have a successful, full-time website builder to partner with to improve your SEO strategies?

Our team of elves is ready to go! We offer three categories of service: the Twinkle, the Sparkle, and the Shine. Despite their cutesy elfish names, each category contains results-driven approaches to convert searchers to website visitors.

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