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Internet Health

Examines how a website is built (onsite SEO) and how the Internet reacts to a website (offsite SEO).

Intelligent Search Tracking

Effectively tracks the key words being used, search engine results pages, and competitor’s ranking.

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See how your website is performing by reviewing customized analytics and straightforward reports.

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Improve the conversion rate of your website with on-site and off-site search engine strategies.

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Learn how website coding and keyword density can enhance your ranking on Internet search pages.

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Grow your business through the two-way communication of dynamic social media engagement.

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The SEO secret formula

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is part of the equation necessary to become successful on the Internet. Having a website, but not getting found, gives zero results. Because of the importance of SEO, many companies and telemarketers are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge clients have regarding SEO services. They make big promises like, “We guarantee first place on Google.” The fact is, Google will be the first to tell you there is no guarantee to be No. 1. Even purchasing clickable AdWords still can leave you competing with others. Search engine companies constantly reinvent what they determine is the best secret formula in the SERPs, Search Engine Result Pages.

Who do I trust?

The key question for companies today changes from “Do I need SEO?” to “Who do I trust, and exactly how is this company going to help my business?” That is where SEO Elves comes in. The direct focus of SEO Elves is SEO strategies that provide results for clients. Our full-time team is in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and we specifically focus on businesses within the United States.

Trust the experience of the ‘head elf’

The “head elf” of SEO Elves has been developing websites since 1999, with a focus on business and marketing strategies. He has worked with software companies to identify elements both on-site (how the website is built) and off-site (how the Internet reacts to your website). He is part of a team of hard-working elves specially trained in internet techniques that work for businesses and organizations.

It all starts with content that is accurate, important, relevant, and shareable. Our strategies expand from there, based on search technology metrics measured by how people find, react, comment, and link to information on the web.

Trust this results-driven approach

SEO Elves is your expert resource to help improve your ranking on search results pages. SEO is a constantly changing strategy. Because SEO Elves work like crazy (like busy little elves) and love this type of thing, we constantly remain on the front line.

We offer a variety of services in our Twinkle, Sparkle, and Shine packages. Despite their cutesy elfish names, each package provides results-driven approaches to convert searchers to website visitors.

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Take advantage of the complementary, no-obligation service we offer to check your business’ internet presence. Simply go to the SEO Scanner page and enter your business information.

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